Our History

The kennels called “z Petrovy pálenky” was established on the 29th April 1999 by the international registration of its official name. However, before the registration itself, there were a few members of the cocker spaniel pack living with us already.

 The first dog (cocker spaniel) living with us, was the black and tan dog called Deny z Hořenuše. The idea of breeding cocker spaniels, or that time just having one, definitely settled in my mind the day I reserved Deny. He was only two days old.

 That time I didn’t mind whether my dreamt of dog would be a dog or a bitch, whether it would have an ambition to enter exhibition shows or even be capable of hunting practice. I simply wanted an English cocker spaniel, the real cocker spaniel with pedigree, but mainly the cocker spaniel of the most beautiful color, black and tan.

 At this point I would like to thank to people who pointed me into the right direction, especially to:

I would also like to thank to Mrs. Radka Popkova (Brakemon), Mrs. Zoja Schonigerova (Schönez), Mr. Pavlel Šulcek ( z Vejminku), who also helped me a lot with his advice and support, and all the others for the valuable advice and their success which is my lead, example and trigger to the further breeding activities and work.

Finally, I would like to thank to my family that provided me (and still has been providing) with the necessary background and always helped me in any difficult situations that appeared that time (and likely will appear again). Without them, I wouldn’t be able to fully address myself to this hobby.

 The Big Day arrived on 19th September 1997, the day when I brought Deny home. I can still recall the warm and fantastic welcoming at the Sprna family (the breeders), luxurious breeding equipment and background (despite the fact this was only small kennels), I remember lots of advice and funny stories…and the time there was flying. Although the journey home was over 200 kilometers, there was no problem at all…perhaps only my doubts of the arrival home, because nobody had any idea who I was bringing home. We had two other crossbreed dogs that time. I had to stop to see my friend Dagmar Marouskova to gain courage and support before arriving home in 15 minutes time. When finally getting of the car at home, I announced to my family I had brought a friend who would live with us, and I put a box with a tiny black and tan cocker spaniel puppy on the floor. As everybody fell in love with him at first sight, there was no further explanation needed.


Unfortunately, our in common time and friendship with Deny didn’t last long, less than three years. On the 10th August 2000, Deny died under car wheels when returning from rabbit hunt along the road. There were just a few meters missing where he would be able to jump over a drain and return to the field, full of enjoyment, energy and feeling of victory…

 Later on, our pack of dogs started growing. At the moment, there is Deny’s daughter Adina z Petrovy Pálenky, and also his grandson staring his exhibition career, Endy Excellent Tan z Petrovy Palenky. We hope our way is heading the righ direction. Only time will show…


(spring 2002)