Jch. CZ, Ch. CZ Snoopy´s Tiramisu

NVP Brno 25/9/2004 chocolate roan bitch 
* 21.11.2003
- BIS baby, CAJC CZ,
CAJC SK, CAC CZ, CAC SK, best junior bitch,
work test

HD -, prcd-PRA (Optigentest) N/N (Clear),

NVP Brno 25/9/2004
Tiramisu discharge conditions for the title "Czech champion" !

Rodokmen - pedigree

Snoopy´s Napoleon
Dt. JCh. 
black and white
Line Sam Flipper
Dt. C
h. Klub + VDH
blue roan
Fieldstone Trapper McMurphy
black and white
Westerner Maching Order orange and white
Fieldstone Margaret McMurphy
Line Sam Lillie Marlene
Greentree Don´t Think Twice golden
Line Sam Gleam N´Glory black and white
Miss Jamie Lee vom Rauhen Holz
orange roan
Booker vom Rauhen Holz
blue roan
Ramiro vom Rauhen Holz blue roan
Ilonka vom Rauhen Holz blue roan
Sweet Tamptation vom Rauhen Holz
orange roan
Stocdale Dragon´s Sonata black and white
Wild Violette vom Rauhen Holz orange roan
Snoopy´s Inka
chocolate roan
Sachmo vom Frenzer Feld
Dt. C
h. Klub + VDH; Dt. Jch., CACIB
chocolate roan
Kandavu Prince-Lemon
blue roan
Allspice´s Salt and Pepper  black and white
 Matterhorn Madeira  tricolour
Joaldy Summer Love
chocolate roan
Cradlemont Blue Peter at Joaldy blue roan
Cemart Castle fo Dreams at Joaldy chocolate roan
Snoopy´s Xira
blue roan
Samson von der Spechtschmiede
black and white
Bannachra Best Man  blue roan
Ophelia von der Spechtschmiede chocolate roan
Snoopy´s Fraya
blue roan
Karat vom Oberbergischen blue roan
Betsy vom Asbach orange roan

Citace z posudků (Quotation from references):

07.10.2006, International dog show České Budějovice, MVDr. Ladislav Svatoš - excellent 1, CAC

06.11.2005, Club show Nitra (SK), David Shields (GB) - excellent 2

05.11.2005, MVP Nitra (SK), Anna Bogucká (PL) - excellent 1, CAC

18.09.2005, Club show, Brno, Dr. Peter Beyersdorf (D) - excellent 1, CAC

02.07.2005, International dog show, Brno, MVDr. Ladislav Svatoš - excellent 1, CAC

12.02.2005, International dog show, Brno, ing. Zdeněk Antonovič - excellent 1, CAJC

07.11.2004, Club show, Nitra (SK), Tabbo (Italy) - excellent 1, CAJC 

06.11.2004, International dog show, Nitra (SK), Firlig (Poland) - excellent 1, CAJC, best junior bitch

09.10.2004, International dog show, České Budějovice, ing. Zdeněk Antonovič - excellent 1, CAJC

25.09.2004, National dog show, Brno, MVDr. Jindřiška Bendová - excellent 1, CAJC

04.09.2004, International dog show, Mladá Boleslav, Petr Studeník - excellent 1, CAJC 

12.06.2004, International dog show, Praha, Penny Lester (GB) - very promising 1 - 

01.05.2004, Special spaniel show, Brno, Zdeněk Antonovič - BIS baby - five month noble bitche, medium strong of skeleton, right type, excellent head, medium long neck, good linie of back, chest is corresponding her aged, live and temperament movement, quality hair, excellent character.